Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Kone's Strategic Plan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Kone's Strategic Plan - Research Paper Example It will also show how KONE might use digital marketing as a competitive advantage. KONE is a very well reputed organization in the elevator and escalator industry. It is being noticed that in modern day business, digital marketing is playing a significant role. It is the need of the hour. Each and every global organization is understanding importance of digital marketing in their organizations. Digital marketing is such a promotional technique that, it can attract lots of customers within very short period of time. It reduces lots time and money for organizations. As an organization KONE faces the issue related with digital marketing. It is very important for the company to introduce digital marketing to maintain its competitive advantages. Long term vision, mission and corporate objectives are very important for every organization to excel in the future. KONE has very clear vision to provide best people flow experience. Here in this section mission statement and corporate objectives of the organization will be discussed. The organization measures their progress toward their vision. In course of that, they set some strategic targets. The organization has clear mission to acquire as many as loyal customers as possible. The company is very much committed to provide good working environment to their work forces. Sustainability and market leadership is a big priority for the organization. KONE has very significant corporate objectives. It wants to be a global market leader on the basis of technological innovation and creativity. Profitability and customer centricity is a very important characteristic of their corporate objective. The organization aims at long term higher financial growth than the normal industry standard. It wants to increase its global presence and want to satisfy different segments of their customers. The organization has decisive corporate objectives to match with different mega trends of the industry. Situation analysis has great

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