Saturday, November 2, 2019

A Critique of the United States National Incidenct Management System Essay

A Critique of the United States National Incidenct Management System - Essay Example The NIMS provides for a Communications Unit whose responsibility includes planning radio networks and frequency assignments to insure inter-operability of the communications system. Network management can insure compatibility without producing overlap interference between agencies and networks. The centralized logistics and supply component of NIMS provides for a unified management of all the necessary logistics that are involved in the emergency response. A single source for all supplies will make the supply channels more clear and that should result in reducing response times. They can also establish staging areas and satellite locations as needed to supply outlying victims and response personnel. This approach to material supply has an advantage over the random distribution of food, fuel, and supplies that would exist on a local or regional level. The establishment of a Joint Information Center (JIC) will aid in creating a central information repository. As the information is routed through a central location, it can be assimilated and can help get a better picture and evaluation of a large-scale disaster. Information can be rapidly checked for credibility and disseminated to the interested parties. The JIC can eliminate the breakdown in the public warning system and aid in the assessment of ongoing threats. One of the vulnerabilities of the NIMS structure is its reliance on bureaucratic systems to operate in an ever-changing environment. This organizational model has several drawbacks in its present form.

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